A Brief History of Fall City

The first two settlements in Fall City were built in 1856. A trading post was established near the present-day location of the Last Frontier Saloon in 1869 and became a hub of the local economy. In the early 1870s the first local mill in the Snoqualmie Valley was opened at the mouth of Tokul Creek, just downstream from Snoqualmie Falls and just upstream from where Fall City would be. The Fall City post office opened June 10, 1872. In the late 1880s, construction of the Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway began, and when it was finished, Fall City was a mile away from the railroad line. However, even a mile away the railroad, combined with the first bridge over the Snoqualmie River, greatly improved the business of the local lumber mills and farmers, and made the area and its scenic features accessible to tourists. Hundreds moved to the area over the next two decades. In the 1910s, the Sunset Highway connecting Seattle with eastern Washington was improved, drawing even more people to the area.

Fall City Today

Today, Fall City continues to draw visitors because of their close proximity to the Snoqualmie and Raging Rivers. Over the last ten years, Fall City has seen a 20% growth in their population as more people discover their highly rated schools and how great of a place Fall City is to live. Fall City has a vibrant arts community as well as an extensive cultural community that showcases the town’s roots. Fall City is also home to one of America’s most unique communities that includes a private airport, and they have gained national attention as the home of Treehouse Point, the home base of the Animal Planet program, Treehouse Masters

Some notable places to visit in Fall City include:

  • Baxter Barn

The mission of Baxter Barn is to demonstrate sustainability and confirmation on a historical farm where domesticated animals and plants are as important as native plants and wildlife. Families can get private tours of the 2.5 acre farm, which features horses, mini-donkeys, chickens, pheasants, and quail. They also host educational programs that can be customized for particular groups, with activities ranging from restoring a stream or wetland to learning about raising farm animals.

  • Treehouse Point

Treehouse Point offers guided tours, or you can book a cabin to stay in overnight. Weddings and vow renewals are frequently hosted here as well. Treehouse Point was founded in 2004 by Judy Nelson and her husband Pete. Pete and his crew have built several treehouses to accompany the existing house from the property they purchased.  In 2013, the construction of the Burl was highlighted in the season finale of the Animal Planet television show Treehouse Masters, which stars Pete and his Nelson Treehouse crew.

  • Northwest National Horsemanship Center

The Northwest National Horsemanship Center is an educational resource for those interested in forming a more holistic relationship with their horse. The Center conducts lessons, classes, clinics and special events focused on the principles of natural horsemanship.

  • Grand Ridge Trail

Grand Ridge Park is 1,200 acres of deep, green forest that rises to 1,100 feet in elevation east of Issaquah and Lake Sammamish. Established to provide natural resource preservation and passive recreation along the edge of suburban and rural communities, the park is located between Mitchell Hill Forest to the east and the Issaquah Highlands residential development to the west. 

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