A Brief History of North Bend

North Bend is a city in King County, Washington, on the outskirts of the Seattle metropolitan area. The Snoqualmie Native American Tribe has resided in the North Bend area for thousands of years. The prairie southeast of Snoqualmie Falls was the ancestral home as well as hunting and forage grounds for the Snoqualmie people. 

One of the first explorers to the upper Snoqualmie Valley was Samuel Hancock, who arrived in 1851. The first permanent American resident in the North Bend area was Jeremiah Borst, who arrived in 1858. After the Homestead Act of 1862, more settlers came to the Snoqualmie Valley. The land of North Bend was eventually sold to Will Taylor, who platted a town with his farm, and drafted plans for upcoming street plans and building lots. North Bend was officially incorporated on March 12, 1909, and grew throughout the 20th century, with an economic focus on agricultural and dairy farming, logging, and sawmill production.

North Bend Today

North Bend was made famous by the television show Twin Peaks, which was partially filmed in the area. The city features an impressive amount of hiking and bicycling trails and paths, including the Mount Si Trail, which stretches for eight miles roundtrip with an elevation gain of 4,000 feet. Some places to visit in North Bend include:

  • Northwest Railway Museum: The Northwest Railway Museum is the largest and oldest continually operating railway museum in the state of Washington. The museum welcomes over 88,000 visitors a year.
  • Twede’s Cafe: Made famous by the television show Twin Peaks, Twede’s Cafe hosts a family-friendly open mic night every Tuesday.

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