It does not matter how much power you have in the engine, if you are unable to keep your car or crossover heading in the right direction, you may have some trouble getting around. The roads of Western Washington can be twisty and turn-filled, and they require responsive, accurate steering. The symptoms found in a deteriorating steering system can stem from several factors, including wheels, tires, and suspension components. Our technicians will inspect the entire system to find the root causes of the issues, because fixing one issue without looking for others can lead to return visits for the same problems, which can lead to a loss of trust.

When you start to feel shimmying in your steering column, when your vehicle does not turn as expected when you turn the wheel, or you feel like you are beginning to loose steering sensitivity, you should bring your vehicle into Eastside Bavarian for testing and repair. Please give us a call at 425-391-1990 or schedule an appointment online.


Your car’s power steering uses a hydraulic or electric system to amplify the small effort you put into turning your steering wheel to enough power to turn your vehicle’s wheels. The steering wheel is attached to a steering shaft, which goes down towards the front axle. At the other end of the steering shaft is a circular gear, which is called the “pinion.” The pinion interlocks with the rack, which is a straight gear that connects to the steering arms of your car’s wheels through tie rods. When you turn your steering wheel, the pinion rotates, which causes the rack to move either left or right, and your wheels move accordingly.

Another key component of a power steering system is the power steering pump, which is responsible for pressurizing the power steering fluid before delivering it to the cylinder in the rack and pinion unit. The power steering fluid is stored in depressurized form within the power steering reservoir, and only when needed does the power steering pump pressurize the fluid and deliver it to assist in steering.


The following are symptoms of steering problems:

The steering wheel is very stiff and/or noisy.

This issue could mean your vehicle’s fluid levels are low, but if this is not the case, then there is a problem with your steering system.

The steering wheel is loose.

This is usually caused by worn steering racks and tie rods. A loose steering wheel could also indicate a problem with wheel alignment.

Your vehicle wanders or pulls to one side.

This often indicates a problem with a worn steering gear. Premature steering gear wear can be caused by lack of lubrication from power steering fluid, so you should also check for any power steering leaks when replacing a worn steering gear.

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