A Brief History of Redmond

Redmond is a city in King City, Washington, that is around fifteen miles from Seattle. The city is commonly recognized as the home of Microsoft and Nintendo. Native Americans have lived in the Redmond area for 10,000 years, and European settlers arrived in the 1870s. The forests and fish of Redmond provided jobs for fishermen and loggers, which led to merchants moving into the area. Redmond was officially incorporated on December 31, 1912.

In the 1920s, Redmond faced an economic downturn as Prohibition took place and logging became excessive which caused lumber mills to shut down. Agriculture became Redmond’s primary business, keeping residents fed during the Great Depression. After World War II, Redmond’s economy was booming and in 1978, Redmond was declared the fastest growing city in the state. 

Redmond Today

Today, Redmond is the seventh most populous city in King County. The city offers a high quality of life with great schools, a parks system that provides plenty of recreational activities for residents, safe neighborhoods, diverse offerings for shopping and dining, and more. Redmond is known as a center of technology and has many well-known companies such as AT&T, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Redmond Town Center has various restaurants, shops, special events, movie theaters, and live performances by a theater company.

Redmond is also an increasingly diverse city, and the city seeks to promote its sense of community through programs designed to celebrate its heritage, enhance its neighborhoods, and preserve its historical and natural treasures. 

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