A Brief History of Mercer Island

Mercer Island was named after the Mercer family of Seattle. The area was first settled between 1870 and 1880. The Mercer brothers, Thomas and Asa Mercer, would often row to the island from Seattle to pick berries, hunt, and fish. The first large settlement, East Seattle, was toward the northwest side of the island. In 1889, the Calkins Hotel was built on the island, which could be accessed  via steamboat between Madison Park, Leschi Park, and the Eastside. Guests included President Benjamin Harrison and other well-to-do dignitaries from Seattle to the East Coast of the United States. 

In 1923, the East Channel Bridge was built to connect the island to Bellevue. The Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge, currently the second largest floating bridge in the world, was built in 1940 to connect Mercer Island to Seattle. The City of Mercer Island was officially founded in 1970.

Mercer Island Today

Today, Mercer Island is considered a top 50 suburb in the United States. It offers over 475 acres of parks and open space, including three public beaches, and more than 50 miles of hiking trails. The city is perfect for parents wanting to raise their kids in an area that is safe and has excellent schools, retirees who seek community opportunity and involvement, and young professionals who enjoy the easy commute. 

Mercer Island’s Town Center is the dynamic and evolving commercial hub of the island. It is also a gathering spot for islanders, whether to enjoy a shared meal at a local restaurant, to meet for a group fitness class, or to shop together at the local home decor or book store. There is a diverse array of restaurants residents can eat at, including pizza, sushi, Thai food, and more. The Mercer Island School District is made up of six schools – four elementary schools, Islander Middle School, and Mercer Island High School. There are also 15 preschools parents with young children can choose from. 

Mercer Island has also been recognized for seven consecutive years as a “Playful City USA” by children’s non-profit KaBOOM. The island has over ten playgrounds, including:

  • Luther Burbank Park Playground:  an expansive north-end park with trails, tennis courts, public boating dock, fishing pier, and an off-leash dog park.
  • First Hill Park Playground: also called the “First Hill Tree House,” this playground also features a large slide that kids and adults alike can enjoy.
  • Deane’s Children’s Park: also known as “Dragon Park,” this playground contains a large dragon structure that has a slide coming out of its mouth. The playground itself is also constructed like a castle, making it extra fun for kids.
  • Playground at South Mercer Playfields: Playground components include a log jam climbing structure, a web climber, a rock slide, arch swings, a sandstone bench, and a hollow log.

Your Trusted Local German Auto Maintenance and Repair Shop

Mercer Island residents depend on their cars to get around. Taking the I-90 from Mercer Island will take you straight to Issaquah, home to Eastside Bavarian. We have been providing German car service since 2003 and our team of experts here to serve you and your BMW, Mini or Audi. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Eastside Bavarian as your German Car Service Specialist:

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If you are a Mercer Island resident, don’t hesitate to bring your car to Eastside Bavarian in Issaquah today! You can give us a call at 425-391-1990 to schedule an appointment or make one online.


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